Lab Safety Information

This laboratory is committed to providing its members a safe and healthful work place. Therefore, it is important that lab members are knowledgable regarding the information on this page. By clicking on this sentence you can download a copy of UC Merced's safety training policy.

In an emergency, call 9-911 or 228-2677.

For non-emergency health and safety questions, call 228-4234. [You may also find answers at EH&S and LHAT.]

Here is a checklist for lab members before they start an experiment in the laboratory:

  1. Have you passed the basic training courses on laboratory safety offered at UC Merced? If not, please contact the UCM EH&S Specialist, Ms. Karen Smith (, for the safety training schedule.
  2. Have you passed the safety training specific to the LiWang lab, and has this training been documented?
  3. Do you know how to handle a) spills of different types of chemicals, b) different types of fires, and c) different types of injuries?
  4. Have you read the material safety data sheets (MSDSs) for the chemicals you will be using in your experiment(s)? [For MSDS documents, go to]
  5. Have you read and signed the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for your experiment(s)?