Mini-group reunion at UC Irvine

June 5, 2018

Mini Isborn-group reunion while giving a seminar at UC Irvine! REU student Jessica is now a Ph.D. student in David Mobely's group and ACS Project SEED student Chou is now an undergrad. Chemistry major.

Karnamohit and Paniz join the group

September 15, 2017

1st year grad students Karnamohit Ranka and Paniz Rahmani join the group. Welcome! Karnamohit brings expertise in electronic structure methods from his time in Rod Bartlett's group at QTP. Paniz is rotating through the group while she decides if she wants to jump away from her previous experience studying hydrogen tunneling in enzymes into the world of simulations and computational chemistry.

TDDFT summer school and Excited States workshop in Telluride

July 9, 2017

Christine is an organizer for the TDDFT summer school in Telluride (funded by DOE, MolSSI, RCSA, and Psi-K), and then the Excited States workshop the following week. 33 students & post-docs (including Jacob!) get to dig deep into TDDFT theory and get their hands 'dirty' running calculations in Octopus and NW Chem. Thanks to all the instructors: Neepa Maitra, Andre Schleife, Mark Casida, Lucia Reining, Kieron Burke, Shane Parker, Ken Lopata, Niri Govind, Xavier Andrade, and Alberto Castro. And a happy birthday to Giovanni Vignale!