Paul is a health economist with research interests in a number of areas relevant to health services research and public health. Much of his work evaluates the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of interventions aimed at improving health for vulnerable populations, including people who have suffered a traumatic brain injury or stroke, the frail elderly, and disabled members of the community. In addition, he has a number of projects related to patient preferences for cancer screening and examining the cost of increasing cancer screening.

This includes using discrete choice experiments to examine patient preferences and the cost of providing cancer screening. In addition, he has a strong interest in Public Health Services and Systems Research. This research area has traditionally been focused on the role that local health departments (LHDs) play in counties and cities. But in recent years, decreases in funding for LHDs in California as a whole, but the San Joaquin Valley in particular, have reduced their ability to fulfill their traditional role. The coming changes brought on by the Affordable Care Act promise further changes to the way that health care is delivered in the Valley. As a result, members of his UC Merced research lab are look at the functioning of the health system and ways to improve access and quality of care while reducing the cost.

This includes examining the effectiveness of current state of lung cancer detection and treatment in the SJV and how we can use telemedicine to improve access and quality of care for vulnerable populations, and examining the disaster preparedness of providers in the SJV. His work tends to involve multidisciplinary teams, and he has collaborations with research teams at a number of universities, including the Auckland University of Technology, the National University of Colombia in Bogota, the University of North Carolina, the University of San Francisco at Fresno, and the University of Auckland.

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