Short Bio & CV

Professor Wang joined UC Merced in 2006 and is the founding faculty of the Global Arts Studies Program (GASP), as well as the founding director and curator of the UC Merced Art Gallery. He specializes in 20th century art history and visual culture in the North American and international contexts, with a focus on historical discourses on race and nationalism in pre-World War II American art. He is one of a small group of scholars who have done extensive work on the critical rediscovery and reexamination of the work of pre-WWII American artists of Asian descent. 

Dr. Wang holds a Ph.D. in Art History from UC Santa Barbara (postmodern art & theory; critical race theory; museums and institutional critique), and a M.A. in Art History (19th-century European art & theory; modern Chinese art) from Indiana University in Bloomington, where he also earned a B.A. in Studio Art (photography & video art).  

Dr. Wang is the author of Becoming American? The Art and Identity Crisis of Yasuo Kuniyoshi, published by University of Hawaii Press in 2011. His research has appeared in major journals both in English and Chinese, including American Studies, an interdisciplinary journal sponsored by the Mid-America American Studies Association and the University of Kansas; the special "Art and Cultural Institutions" issue of AAPI Nexus by the Asian American Studies Center at University of California, Los Angeles; Yishu-Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art; and several issues of Journal of Aesthetic Education, the official publication of the Taiwan National Center for Arts Education. His essay, "Japan against Japan: U.S. Propaganda and Yasuo Kuniyoshi’s Identity Crisis,” appeared in the spring 2008 issue of American Art and won the 2008 Patricia and Phillip Frost Essay Award, a prize given by the Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM) to recognize excellence in scholarship in the field of American art history. In 2014, Dr. Wang was awarded the Terra Foundation for American Art Senior Fellowship at SAAM, where he conducted research on his second book-length project, The Other American Others

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